Vector Wero Songwriting Competition

The 100 Piano Project

Entries are open to all New Zealand Primary and/or Intermediate Schools (including schools with students Years 7 &8) and in the decile range 1-7.

Closing date is Friday 20th October 2017.
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Play It Strange and Huawei have partnered up and are giving away 100 Pianos to 100 Kiwi schools! The Top 100 entries will receive a Pearl River Piano for the whole school to enjoy.

To be in the draw we want you to create an original piece of creative and collaborative work with your class or school that includes the subject matter of a piano and that’s it! The rest is up to your imagination.

Submissions must be one of the following:

Once you’re done, fill out the entry form, ask a teacher to support you by filling out their side of the form and apply online!

How should we send you what we’ve created?

Please fill out our entry form either online, or by mail to submit and be in the draw.If you have any questions about the competition please contact us at the terms and conditions below for this competition. Make sure you check them all out so you’re in the loop! Get super creative and get your entry in before the 20th of October 2017!

Terms and Conditions

Primary/Intermediate School (Yrs 1-8) Category
Open to Schools in Decile (1-7)
1. The students must be:
a. Attending a New Zealand Primary or Intermediate School
b. At school years 1-8
c. School is in decile range 1-7

2. The work must be original. it must NOT be an arrangement
or adaptation of a traditional non-copyright work or any other original work
a. Student involvement must be at least 50% of the total work. The balance can be Teacher input.

3. Entries:
The following will be required:
a. Completion of an official entry form.
b. An original piece of collaborative creative work that is inclusive
of the word/image ‘piano’.
c. All written entries must be submitted via uploading a pdf or doc. (e.g original play, short story, lyrics or poem). d. All movement entries must be submitted by copy and pasting a link of the URL directing us to your public
YouTube performance (e.g original song, dance or play) e. All dialogue or lyrics to movement submissions must be written in the description box of the YouTube video.f. If your school has chosen to do a mural, this must be submitted
as a photograph of the piece. See entry form.
a, b, c and e must be received by Play It Strange no later than Tuesday the 20th of October 2017.

4. Submissions must be one of:
a. A poem (500 words max)
b. A dance (5 minutes max)
c. A short-story (1,000 words max)
d. A song (5 minutes max)
e. A play (1,000 words max)
f. Or mural (Any size, sent via photographic entry)

5. General:
a. Only ONE entry per group/individual may be submitted.
b. The Top 100 entries will be shipped a piano. Only one piano per school.
c. All the decisions of the judges will be binding.
d.Play It Strange shall have the right to interpret the above conditions and to determine all issues arising out of this contest
e. Unless specifically requested the copies of the entry recordings and lyrics will be retained by Play It Strange.
f. The entrant shall grant permission for replication, reproduction,  broadcast, streaming and be downloading of the entry.
g. Play It Strange will have the right to print the name and likeness of any entrant in publicity of the competition and all matter incidental thereto.
h. The entrant agrees to be bound by Play It Strange’s entry
procedures, rules, and regulations established in the entry form. The judges’ decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

Entries close the 20th of October 2017.

How should we send you what we’ve created?