Peace Song Competition

This competition is now closed. The Peace Song Finalists will be announced on the 25th of August 2017.

The Peace Song Competition started in 2008 and has two regional winners:  

1. The Auckland City Region 
2. The Rest of New Zealand region.   

Each entry is judged with 50% to lyrics and 50% to music.

The Peace theme of the lyrics has this brief: 
The theme of peace and non-violence may be interpreted broadly from inner personal peace, peace in the home and among families to peace between people of the world. The title of the original song does not have to be "The Peace Song" As in the Lion Foundation song competition, the recording and performance quality of the entry is not taken into account.

The winning songwriters will: 
- Record their songs professionally 
-   Have them included on the annual Lion Foundation Song Comp album.

Hiroshima Exchange Trip.
We are unable to offer the Hirtoshoma Exchange trip to the 2017 winners.

Entries can be made online or by post.

2016 Results

The winners are..

The 2016 Peace Song Award recipients are:
Mercy Williams (l) -  year 12 at Western Springs College.  Her song is "She Will Always Be There". Mercy has won the Auckland City region; and
Ashy Batchelor (r) - year 13 at St Margaret's College in Christchurch.  Her song is "Heal Again".  Ashy has won the Rest of NZ region.

Ashy declined traveling to Hiroshima so runner-up Iris Dunn (below right) from Napier Girls' High School traveled there with Mercy Williams.

(Photo bottom left)
Mercy and iris in the Hiroshima Peace Park.

Iris: Japan was an experience that sparked self discovery.  The trip was like nothing I could have ever imagined and it enlightened me to the cultural differences of the other side of the world. Although I faced many challenges along the way, I am grateful for every moment. Peace
Mercy:The experience is un-emulatable by anything else. It is unique and an amazing adventure. Not with out it's highs or lows, something I will surely never forget. I spent six weeks submerged in a different culture, a different life. I formed a close friendship with my travel companion, and was forced to push my boundaries. It's scary and at times can be difficult but it was definitely a wondrous six weeks.

All past Peace Song competition winners

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