University of Waikato - Introduction to Songwriting

New paper for 2017 in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Introduction to Songwriting

University of Waikato is introducing a new paper, Introduction to Songwriting MUS113.

Running from the 4th of January to the 17th February, it provides an exciting course for all songwriters. Whether experienced or not.

You’ll learn principles of lyric writing, harmonic structure, form, and melodic and rhythmic development, and gain a deeper understanding of songwriting techniques that can be applied to your own compositional practices.

Head to the University website for further course details and timetables for 2017.

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Introduction to Songwriting

The summer paper Introduction to Songwriting at the University of Waikato in Jan-Feb this year proved to be very successful.
And we are able to advise that it will happen again in 2018!

Here is feedback from the tutors Nick Braae and  Jeff Wragg who took the paper.

The students produced some terrific work, and it was fantastic to see them take their songs through the whole process from inception to finished product. It was extremely satisfying to listen to everybody's finished songs and hear the fruits of their labour. 

The quality of their songs by the end of semester was outstanding, and all of them found aspects of the songwriting process they excelled at, be it the emotional connection of a song, storytelling, quirky chord patterns, beautiful melodies, and so on. It was a real pleasure to watch them develop musically.